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How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Easily

Surely you are familiar with a blog provider called Blogger or Blogspot. In addition to free, also a lot of ease and flexibility offered. Starting from content management, to easily alternate themes at will.

However, for those of you who have long used Blogger or Blogspot and your blog already has a high traffic, how about to move from Blogger and move to another blog CMS?

One alternative that you can do is to use WordPress which is installed in the hosting itself. The term is WordPress self-hosted.

However, moving from Blogspot to WordPress should be done carefully, otherwise it could cause major problems if this move causes URL changes, search traffic, google pagerank and RSS subsriber.

Then, how the steps how to move Blogspot to WordPress?

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How to Transfer Content From Blogspot to WordPress

Fortunately WordPress already provides Tools to import all old blog posts along with readers comments from Blogger to WordPress Self Hosted new blog automatically.

Here is how to move blog from Blogspot to WordPress (Self Hosted):

1. Moving Post and Comment
*. Log in to your WordPress account.

*. Click Tools > Import > Choose Blogger

*. Install plugin “Blogger Importer” then enable it.

*. After the active plugin click Authorize, then give WordPress permission to access your Blogger account.

*. Then will appear several options blog (if you have more than one blog) and then select blog which will be import to WordPress. Click Import and wait until the process is complete.

*. After import process is complete, post box and comment on imported blog will be light blue and Import button will change to Set Authors. Click and select the Author that matches your Blogger account, otherwise leave it alone and do not forget to change the Author Name when the move from Blogger to WordPress is complete (by clickingUser > Your Profile in your WordPress menu).

*. Click Save Changes. The process of moving Post and Comment from Blogger to WordPress is done.

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2. Redirect Blogger URL to WordPress
(A). In WordPress Self Hosting.

*. Install the plugin “Blogger To WordPress Redirection”, then enable it.

*. Click Tools > Blogger To WordPress Redirection

*. Click the Start button Configuration then the plugin will soon detect Blogger blog that you have Import. Click Get Code on the right side of the Blogger blog name that appears.

*. Next will come the template code that you need to copy and paste in the HTML Editor of your blogger template.

*. Copy the code, then go to stage B (below).

(B). In Blogger

*. Log in to your Blogger account.

*. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML

*. Paste the template code you copied (in step A) and paste the code into the Blogger template (recommended for backup first). Click “Save Template”.

*. Next you test first by opening one of the url of Blogger blog whether it has automatically redirected to WordPress blog page.

3. Import Images and Media from Blogger into WordPress
*. Next is all the images and any media that are in Blogger to WordPress blog storage media.

*. First step install plugin “Blogger Image Import” then enable.

*. Click Tools > Blogger Image Import

*. Write the maximum number of imported images, then start by clicking Start Import

*. Done, please open one post then note the URL in the image to make sure the imported image has been successful.

Now completed is the process of moving blogs from Blogger to WordPress.

The above way can also be done to move content to WordPress.com if you are not ready to use your own hosting and domain. And if you already feel ready, then can move to WordPress self hosted.

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