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NASA Studies That Pay ($18,000 Sleep Study Isn’t the Only One!)

NASA's Sleep study paid you $18000 to stay in bed. Now they're looking to pay you for more studies...Getting paid to participate in paid studies conducted by NASA is a dream come true for a lot of us.

Not only do you get to help one of the most fascinating organizations in the world, you also get paid for it.

They conduct studies about various subjects, from our sleep patterns to how our bodies perform when there is no or very minimal gravity.

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It’s a lot like paid clinical trials or medical studies that pay you. So the subject of the study can vary from one to another.

NASA Sleep study

One of their most famous paid studies was the NASA Sleep study covered by major news outlets, like the Huffington Post and Forbes.

In that study, NASA would pay you $18,000 to sleep in the bed for 70 days so they could monitor how your brain and body function.

The test subject could do whatever they wanted – like playing games and watching TV.

Just as long as they didn’t get out of bed for the entire duration of the test period, NASA would pay them $18,000!

But here’s the best part…

That wasn’t the only paid NASA study!

NASA is still looking for test subjects to participate in its studies.

In today’s post, we cover everything you need to know about NASA studies that pay, including how to participate in a study and how payment works.

So, why does NASA need Human Test Subjects?

Well, essentially, NASA wants to counter the effects that occur to the body of its astronauts during space flight.

While it’s a childhood dream of many to become an astronaut, traveling through space, as amazing as it may seem, isn’t without negatives, and one of the biggest is its effect on the human body.

Many of the negative impacts, such as muscular dystrophy, are the result of being weightless for an extended period of time.

NASA wants to collect data that could help the organization to find ways to counter the impact of space flight on the human body.

It also states that:

“Studies are conducted by many laboratories and flight analogs, such as: cardiovascular, neuroscience, bone and mineral, suit and engineering, exercise, nutrition, immunology labs and the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA). Test subjects are also provided for astronaut training during phlebotomy training and visual acuity protocols.”

What’s involved in these Studies?

As a test subject for NASA, you participate in ground-based research or microgravity studies.

The focus of each study will obviously differ from study to study.

One of its most well-known and most talked about studies online is the bed rest study that we mentioned above – the one that paid $18,000!

It involved the test subject staying in bed for a 70 day period.

In this study, the participant had their bed tilted slightly downward at a six-degree angle – so the subject’s feet were slightly higher than their head.

Doing this causes body fluids to move to the upper part of the test subject’s body, causing cardiovascular events that mimic what occurs during a space flight.

According to the senior scientist for the study, since astronauts spend long periods of time weightless in space, they do not use their muscles – they can simply float across a room.

This results in muscular atrophy.

By putting the test subject in bed for such a long period of time, the researchers can mimic this atrophy, and find ways to better protect and prepare their astronauts when they are in space and enable them to help astronauts’ body functions to return to normal once they get back to earth.

You can learn more about NASA’s bed rest studies here.

As we said above, NASA runs different studies, so the study that you participate in might differ.

How to be a Human Test Subject for NASA

To become a test subject, you have to be cleared through Test Subject Screening.

You obtain clearance by passing a physical, which is renewed annually.

In addition to passing this category 1 physical, you must also:

  • Pass a background check.
  • Complete tax papers.

How to Apply

There are a few steps involved in getting started.

  • Step 1: Visit https://www.nasa.gov/feature/human-test-subject and read the PDF file which answers all your questions.
  • Step 2: To start the application process, call 281-483-7284 or 281-483-7240.
  • Step 3: Then you can set up an initial screening and get the required paperwork. You become a temporary employee of JES Tech LLC – unless of course, you are a Wyle or NASA civil servant. Once you have done all of that, you will be cleared for studies and can start making money as a human test subject for NASA!
  • Step 4: The recruitment period usually takes around six weeks. If you qualify for studies, then you will enter the Qualified TS pool.
  • Step 5: If you meet study-specific protocol, then a nurse will recruit you from this pool.
  • Step 6: Once you get cleared for a specific study, the nurse will send your details, such as your name and contact information, to the Principal Investigator. The Principal Investigator can then contact you to schedule your briefing and participation in the study.

How much can you earn?

Participating in paid NASA studies is a great way to earn some extra cash.

Of course, this opportunity isn’t for everyone – not everyone wants to participate in research.

But, if you don’t mind helping NASA with its research, then you should consider giving this one a go.

As a test subject, your pay starts at around $10.00 per hour. But most studies pay more.

There have been many reports online of NASA paying anywhere from $5,000 to $18,000 in total for its studies. So, this opportunity definitely has a good earning potential.

Closing thoughts

There are plenty of ways to earn extra cash – participating in focus groupstaking online surveys, even becoming a human guinea pig… – but this is definitely one of the most interesting ones.

You’ll be helping the organization to make advancements in space travel and astronaut care. So you’ll be doing something good and you get paid for it!

And, it’s not too late to fulfill your childhood dream of working for NASA either – even if it isn’t by floating through space!

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